New Years Wish Spell
Hair Grow Longer Spell
GemStone Elixir
Ouija Board Information
Ways to Open the Sacral Chakra
Sacral Chakra:Blockages, Physical Problems,Cords, & Leaks
Sacral Chakra
How to Ground Your Energy
Q&A Lets talk Magic
Mala Beads
Ways to open the Root Chakra
MyInsens Review
66-Root Chakra:Blockages, Physical Problems, Cords, & Leaks
Root Chakra
2012 & My Dream
64-Root Chakra & UpComeing Videos
Protecting your Energy
FAQ's From you to Me
PSI Balls
How to feel others Energy
FAQ's Magic & Me
Money Powder
Oils & Incense
Crystals, Gemstones, & Stones
Lets Talk
Illuminati Thoughts from a Witch
Astral Projection
Question Video
Explaining and Understanding Spells
52-Beltane (YAY! So Happy!)
51-Beauty Spells
Video Re: TipToeChicks SHOW AND TELL
Lust Powder | Lust Spell
49-Love Spells
48-Physical Transformation Spells
Come out of the Broom Closet
46-How to become a Witch
Spells | Get what you NEED not ALWAYS what you WANT
Why your Spells are NOT Working
How to make a Book of Shadows
43-Best Spell Books to start out With
41-First step to be a Witch
40-The Rest of the Altars
How to get your Cauldron ready for your Altar
35-Element Candles
Laws of Attraction
33-Simple Love Spell
32-Love Potion
Valentines Special
31-Pentagram & Pentacle for Altars
Two candles of the Altar
29-Setting your God & Goddess
Akasha where have you been?
28-Cleaning and Setting a Witch Cupboard and Altar
Akasha God & Witchcraft
23-Angel Guides & Archangels
26-How to Create and Choose your Altar
Book Of Shadows & Altars
27-Athame & Sword
23-Spirit Guides
Spirit Animal
21-Earth Fairies
19-Air Fairies
20- Water Fairies
Fire Fairies
Spirits and Fairies
Movies and Magick
Four Winds Wishing Spell
Protection Spell & Protection Talisman
Money Spell & Money Talisman
Love Spell & Love Powder Part 2
Love Spell & Love Powder Part 1
Akasha's Update (Vote)
Basics on How to Cast a Spell
09-How To Consecrate Your Working Candle
Good Spirits(Ghost) &Witchcraft
07-Smudging Ceremony
06-Spirits(Ghost) & Witchcraft
Tips to be a Witch
04-Divination Tools:Part 3
Divination Tools: Part 1
04-Divination Tools:Part 2
Casting A Circle: Part 1
Casting a Circle: Part 2
Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Random Basics To Witchcraft
Chaparral High School
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